Breyer Horse New Releases: Hartland High Tech

A stunning little breed with a ton of power, the Hackney Pony is a breed all it’s own! Now Golden Oak Stables brings you a new Breyer for mid year 2012 that epitomizes the spirit of this breed into a model representing one of the most accomplished Hackney ponies around, Heartland High Tech!

Originally from Great Britain, the Hackney Pony was originally created by breeding Hackney Horses with Fell Ponies. What was created was a powerhouse pony capable of not only pulling carriages, but doing so in style! These ponies were originally called Wilson ponies after their creator Christopher Wilson but soon became known as the Hackney Pony we know today!

There are many types of Hackney Ponies, from Road Ponies to Pleasure Ponies these ponies excel under the saddle and behind the cart! Hackney Ponies compete in the United States at the same shows as Saddlebred and Standardbred horses, although in different classes.

One of the most accomplished Hackney Ponies in current competition is Heartland High Tech. This little 10 year old powerhouse has found himself to the winners circle more times than he could count! From winning Hackney Pony of the year in 2010 to bringing home  the World Championship win in 2012, Heartland High Tech is truly a pony for the record books!

Breyer has created Heartland High Tech on it’s ever loved Hackney mold. With his parked out stance, braided mane and bobbed tail, Heartland High Tech shines in Breyer form just as he does in the show ring. His deep bay color has shading along his flanks and in a few other areas the light touches! A pair of short white sock sit on his back feet giving him the perfect contrast to his strikingly dark coat. His confident expression leaves him ready for the show ring and with his perfectly groomed looks there’s no stopping him!

Another world champion that’s ready for the record books, Heartland High Tech joins the ranks of Breyer champions with his very own model. Now you can add this rare and striking breed to your stable!


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