Breyer Horse New Releases: Bonanza’s Sport

One of the longest running and most watched television series of all time, Bonanza has captured the spirit of the wild west! For nearly 14 years the story of the Cartwrights and their adventures on their Nevada ranch. Breyer has immortalized the unsung heroes of the show, the horses, with a model of the main character’s mounts. Now Sport gallops into the Breyer stable with a model of his very own!

Sport was the beloved mount of the eldest Cartwright son, Adam. The most educated of his three brothers, Adam attended school for engineering and architecture and went on to build the family’s ranch house! Being the oldest he often took on the responsibilities of the family and the ranch and was thought of as the most well thought out of his three brothers.

His faithful mount Sport was a chestnut gelding that carried Adam through the wilderness time and time again. This part Thoroughbred gelding was beautiful as he was strong. Now, Breyer has created a Sport of their own, the fourth in the Bonanza series bringing this amazing horse to collectors everywhere!

Created on the San Domingo mold, Sport is a bright red chestnut gelding that is sure to catch the eye of any ranch hand or horse lover alike! Shining with his bright coat color, Sport stands out even more with high white socks on each of his legs. On his face he also has a big white blaze that stretches all the way down. The San Domingo mold is known for it’s calm demeanor and calm nature, perfect for any ranch work. Sport epitomizes the spirit of a ranch horse rolled into one little horse shaped model.

Bringing the fun of the wild west along with one of America’s favorite television shows, Golden Oak Stables brings you the fourth horse in Breyer’s Bonanza series. Bring a bit of classic television along with the wild west to your stable with Sport. Excitement is sure to follow!


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