Real Life Breyer Horses: I’ll Have Another And The Triple Crown Pursuit

Sadly fans of horse racing learned last Friday that 2012 wouldn’t be the year the Triple Crown was won again. Millions had hoped that a little chestnut colt named I’ll Have Another would have one more race in him and bring home the Triple Crown after 30 years.

The Triple Crown is the pinnacle of horse racing, combining three of the most difficult races for three year old race horses into a grueling span of just over a month. From Kentucky to Maryland to New York the best three year olds in the world compete to see if they can place their name in the record books along with the other greats in horse racing. With three tracks, in three different parts of the world and with three different lengths of the track, this task is far from easy. The longest track is the Belmont, the final leg of the Triple Crown. With a race length of just around a mile and a half, this is truly the test of a true champion! Many have come close, but none since Affirmed in 1978 have accomplished it.

This year, it was clear early on that I’ll Have Another had Triple Crown potential. With his impressive run in the Kentucky Derby and an even more impressive run in the Preakness, I’ll Have Another was gaining fans by the second. Sadly the day before the Belmont news came out that I’ll Have Another had an injury that would prevent him from running and caused him to retire. Belmont Park celebrated his accomplishments on the day of the Belmont in a retirement ceremony where the fans could all congratulate how close he came to making history!

We may have to wait another year for a chance at the Triple Crown, but Golden Oak Stables has a little piece of racing history you can bring home yourself. With one of the most impressive Triple Crown wins of all time, Secretariat is probably one of the most famous race horses ever. With an unmistakable 31 length win Secretariat truly was a horse for the history books.

Horse racing fans will have to wait another year for a shot, but it’s needless to say that this year certainly was a memorable one! We may not have a Triple Crown winner for 2012 but the memories of I’ll Have Another are ones no one will soon forget!


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