Breyer Horse New Releases: New Breeds Of The World

Some of the most exciting new models for 2012 are a line of exciting resins that celebrate the breeds of the world! Breyer surprised us with four of these new exciting horses in early 2012 but no one was expecting three more to show their face for the summer! Now you  can add three more to that lineup with these new exciting models that are galloping their way into Golden Oak Stables.

First up is a Clydesdale that commands attention with his presence. Draft horses are the powerhouses of the equestrian world with their large size and power. Originally bred to work in the farm fields and pull the family wagon into town draft horses are the overall work horse. Draft horses are also known for their kind personalities, often being called the “Gentile Giants”. Breyer’s newest addition to the Breeds Of The World series a bay sabino Clydesdale that looks like so many of the Clydesdales we all know and love! He even has patriotic red, white and blue ribbons in his perfectly groomed mane.

From the western United States a breed all it’s own charges in with spirit and history! Originally brought by the Spanish conquistadors, the American Mustang is a breed that captivates the imagination of many with its free spirit and beauty. These horses live throughout the western United States in herds and each year some are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and are adopted into new homes. These horses are amazing athletes and have attained unimaginable success! The Breeds Of The World Mustang is captured in high action and is painted in a stunning grullo pattern that is striking to say the least!

Last but certainly not least, Dressage champion Totilas has been added to the Breeds Of The World collection! This 12 year old Dutch Warmblood is the first horse ever to score above a 90 in dressage and it’s no question with scores like that why he’s taken the world over! Totilas has won many awards including big wins at the World Equestrian Games in 2010. He is certainly, the horse that could!

No matter what kind of horses you love, there’s a Breed Of The World horse that will tickle your fancy. From strong but gentile draft horses, to a wild Mustang all the way to a Dressage world champion, the variety is wide. The hard choice will be where to start!


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