Breyer Horse New Releases: Lil’ Ricky Rocker

June 7, 2012

Galloping into¬†Golden Oak Stables and into the Breyer lineup for mid-year 2012 is an exciting array of horses that are exciting to say the least! One of those horses is Lil’ Ricky Rocker! This stunning leopard Appaloosa is not only beautiful but already a celebrity with Breyer collectors!

Many Breyer collectors that have visited Breyerfest will remember the gorgeous Appaloosa that finds his way there! From being Breyer’s Stephanie Macejko’s mount in the opening ceremonies to spending time with visitors Lil’ Ricky Rocker gets everyone’s attention wherever he finds himself!

Lil’ Ricky Rocker getting a cool bath after a performance at Breyerfest

Lil’ Ricky Rocker at Breyerfest

Lil’ Ricky Rocker’s stunning coat!

Lil’ Ricky Rocker isn’t just a Breyerfest celebrity though, he’s also a champion Appaloosa gelding! Foaled in 1992, Lil’ Ricky started his show career at age 3. It wasn’t long before Lil’ Ricky faced a road block that would threaten to take his life, colic. He was able to pull through and went on to a very successful show career winning championships not only in Junior Reining but also earning several National and World Grand Championships!

Making his debut now as a Breyer Lil’ Ricky Rocker’s striking leopard coat has been reproduced down to the spot! Leopard Appaloosas are known for their distinctive full body spotted pattern. One of many different Appaloosa coat patterns, this is one of the most eye catching. Lil’ Ricky’s spots are a gorgeous shade of bay and sit all over his body in the most interesting of patterns.

Lil’ Ricky Rocker has been created on the Zippo Pine Bar mold, the portrait of another very famous stock horse. Shown in a slow and steady walk, Lil’ Ricky Rocker is the perfect calm mount for any rider. Mix that with his fun and flashy coat and you’re sure to get a winner!

Lil’ Ricky Rocker may already be known and loved by many Breyer lovers, but now everyone can have a little bit of him with his portrait model! The striking good looks and stunning nature of this wonderful Appaloosa is enough to turn heads wherever you might see him!


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