Breyer Horse Collecting: Summer Reading

There’s nothing more relaxing than curling up on a warm summer day with a good book. As horse lovers, there have been many classic horse stories that are legends in their own right. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have some new classic stories that come with classic scale horses all their own that are sure to heat up your summer and have you on the edge of your seat!

The story of Warhorse has taken the entire world by storm. Going from novel to the stage to film and now to Breyer the story of a boy and his horse during World War I has captured the hearts of millions. Told through Joey’s perspective, this story of friendship and love for a boy and his horse is one that no horse lover should miss! Along with the novel comes your very own classic scale Joey to share the story with!

Samirah’s Ride is a story from the Breyer Horse Collection about a stunning and fiery Arabian filly in Utah. When hardship strikes, her life on a lovely ranch with her owner is compromised and they must find a way to save the ranch and save Samirah from being sold! Samirah’s Ride comes with a Samirah in a stunning deep bay that shines in the sun.

The story of a posh living little Shetland Pony, Little Prince, brings a fun twist to a horse story! When Little Prince is suddenly retired from his posh life in a penthouse riding stable in the city to a ranch he struggles to figure out just what his life has become! This little palomino Shetland pony is sure to not only become a favorite character for you but also a favorite in your collection.

Bringing the excitement of the wild west to you is Wild Blue, a mustang who’s life on in the wild is wonderful and exciting until she and her sister are captured by cowboys! Blue will have to find a way to protect the rest of her herd from capture! This blue roan filly is striking to say the least and stands out among others!

Bringing together lovely stories and horses you can read the summer away with Breyer and add a few new horses to your stable at the same time!


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