Breyer Horse Collecting: Regular, Special and Limited Edition Runs

All Breyers are special, from an exceptionally beautiful breed to a famous horse, there’s something special about every Breyer horse. There’s something about Breyer horses you might not know though, there are many different types of releases that make them special too!

Breyer horses are all limited in some way, no Breyer horse is created forever, most only for a few years. Even the most popular Breyer horse can become hard to find after it’s been “retired” or removed from the Breyer catalog. Even more so are models that are limited in their release.

Regular Run models are those available in the catalog and from your favorite dealer, like Golden Oak Stables! These models are the core and foundation of collections showcasing breeds from around the world, famous equine super stars and even that perfect lesson horse. These horses, while open ended in their release can still become very rare. There’s no telling how long a model will be released and sometimes regular runs can be just as rare and hard to find as even the rarest Breyers!

Limited Edition Runs are models that are released in a limited number, no matter what the number these models are limited by the number that will be produced. Limited Editions can be released anywhere and be limited to any number, it just means that they are limited in nature. Limited Editions have long been coveted by collectors and many come out every year for your to add to your collection!

Special Runs are the last category of Breyer releases and are those which are only available for a certain time through a certain place or places. These horses  can be very hard or very easy to find, each and every one is different! Special runs are not determined by quantity but by their limited availability.

No matter what type of release a Breyer horse has had it’s desirability is always determined by how much the collectors love it. What really matters though, is not how rare it is or how many were made, but how much you love it! Picking your favorite is always the most important factor when choosing a new horse for your stable!


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