Breyer Horse New Releases: Abe Lincoln’s Old Bob

Galloping into Golden Oak Stables from the history books is a horse that was the beloved companion of one of our country’s most beloved president’s, Abraham Lincoln! Bringing history and the love for horses together, Old Bob is a wonderful way to remember some of the nation’s history along with celebrating the beauty of the horse!

Old Bob was the ever favorite mount of our country’s 16th president. Abraham Lincoln was beloved by many as the president that ended the Civil War and brought our country back together as one. Before his time as president Lincoln lived in Illinois as did his beloved mount, Old Bob. Old Bob was actually named Robin but given the nickname of “Old Bob” by Lincoln himself. This chestnut horse was Lincoln’s choice mount during his time in Illinois where he worked as a lawyer. He also was a beloved member of the Lincoln family, often pulling the family carriage. When Abraham Lincoln passed away, Old Bob had a special place in the funeral and was led through the procession dressed in all black, a symbol of mourning.

Breyer has recreated an amazing reminder of American History with their very own, Old Bob. Created on the Adios mold, this stocky horse stands tall and proud with a deeply shaded dusty chestnut coloration and a shaded mane and tail. Dark points along the legs help to create a lovely realistic chestnut throughout. Old Bob shines with his stoic expression and his calm demeanor, fitting for a president’s family. Just like the real Old Bob, Breyer’s recreation comes complete with a black blanket similar to the one Old Bob wore to Lincoln’s funeral with silver trim and tassels.

A reminder of the not only our 16th president but also our nation’s history, Old Bob brings a touch of history to your stable. With his calm and stoic demeanor he’s the perfect mount for anyone and the perfect way to remember a beloved president. Bring a little history home today.
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