Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Finish

As a collector you’ll hear terms used all the time to describe any number of things about Breyer horses. From things like breed names to molds there’s probably a term that collectors use to describe it. One thing that is used very often to describe models are terms for finish. You’ve probably heard things like matte, glossy and metallic to describe a model, but do you know how to tell what your model is?

When Breyer horses are created they are painted with any number of different paints and colors. Each paint has different properties and different finishes that make the model look different than any other model. Collectors began to take notice of this and use terms to distinguish between different types of models.

Glossy models were some of the first types of models offered by Breyer. These models were finished in a thick coat of shiny clear gloss that not only protected the finish of the model, but also reflected popular trends in home design at the time. Glossy models shine with a thick sheen of gloss that is very distinguishable from other models. Today glossy models have become popular again and can be found on many models!

Semi-Glossy models are a step down from glossy models and have a sheen that many collectors describe as similar to a real horse that’s ready to enter a show ring! Semi-Glossy models have a light sheen that shines in the light and is very smooth to the touch. Models have been created in semi-glossy finishes for just about as long as Breyer has been around and is a very common finish.

The most common finish is a matte finish. Matte finish is a flat finish that is soft and can be almost powder like at times. These soft and delicate finishes are the most common finish for Breyer horses and bring a soft and realistic look to a model. Breyer first introduced matte finish models in the 1960’s when glossy models started to become less popular and have continued to make them ever since.

A new finish that many collectors have seen over the past few years is a metallic finish. This finish brings a touch of what real horse owners call “chrome” to the model horse world. These models will shimmer a bit in the right light, just like a real horse that has chrome in his coat. These models are distinctively different from other finishes but can still be glossy, semi-glossy or matte.

Many collectors have one finish they prefer over others but even more love each and every one! Do you have one of each finish? Which is your favorite? Either way, Golden Oak Stables is always ready to bring that new Breyer to you! Which will you pick?

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