Breyer Horse Showing: North American Nationals 2012

The time is nearing when the best model horses in the world gather in Lexington Kentucky to compete in the North American Nationals. In the three days proceeding Breyerfest this year, the North American Nationals will crown hundreds of National Champions, Reserve Champions and Top Ten Placers. These horses have the distinction of being named Champion among the best horses in both the country and the world and will carry that title forever!

The North American Nationals brings horses from all over the world to Lexington Kentucky this year, with only one requirement for entry, they must have placed first or second in a NAN qualifying show and been awarded a NAN card. This serves as the entry ticket for the biggest show of the year! Models are awarded a card for placing first and second at any NAN qualifying show that is valid for two years. Models qualified before April 30th 2012 are eligible for this year’s competition and can be entered for their chance at victory!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and give your horses a shot at a championship entries are now open! You can visit the NAMHSA site for more information on how to enter. If you’re not quite ready yet, start getting your feet wet at Golden Oak Stables novice and intermediate shows. These are the perfect way to start showing and learn all about the world of model horses! Tailored specifically for  those new to the world model horses and model horse showing these shows take all the elements of a highly competitive open NAN qualifying show and make it friendly for one and all!

Breyerfest this year is sure to be a blast and with the North American Nationals in town it’s a full week of model horse mania in Lexington Kentucky this July! You can be a part of it even if you aren’t there with Golden Oak Stables covering each and every aspect of this week full of model horses! No matter where you are this July, you’ll experience what a week full of Breyer horses will bring!

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