Breyer Horse Collecting: Mold Makeovers

Breyer horses are created through an intricate molding process that reproduces an artist’s original sculpture into a model that we all can collect! You’ll hear collectors use two very distinctive words to talk about Breyer horses, molds and models. Models change all the time, but when the mold does, it will certainly catch collector’s attention!

The word “Mold” is used by collectors to describe the actual sculpture that artists create for Breyer. These model are often used for years upon years by Breyer and are created in many different colors over decades, so when one changes, it’s certainly big news!

In the past few years Breyer has surprised us all with a few tricks up their sleeves by “refreshing” a few of their models. One of the first models that saw a makeover was the Stock Horse Stallion. Originally released 30 years ago, the Stock Horse Stallion was a favorite for many years in the Breyer lineup as the go to Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Paint horse.  Breyer surprised us all when they gave him a new hairdo a few years ago. The Stock Horse Stallion now can be seen with a long and luxurious flowing tail, like on the model Elvis’ Rising Sun!

Breyer gave us another surprise for 2012 with the release of Hickstead! Created on the Trakehner model this horse touched the hearts of millions with his determined spirit. It’s no question as to why Breyer would “spruce” up his mold a little, making this model even more special. A new fuller tail also now sits on the Trakehner mold and gives him an elegant touch.

New molds are always exciting and an existing model with a new touch can be just as exciting! It’s not every day that a mold gets a makeover, so when it happens, collectors are sure to notice! Don’t miss all the fun with Golden Oak Stables. Which model will be the next to enter your stable? One with a makeover?

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