Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

Horse lovers and eventing fans wait all year for this weekend in April, a weekend when the world comes to Kentucky to compete in one of the equestrian world’s most prestigious events, the Rolex Three Day. This four star event is the only one in the Western Hemisphere and is a fan favorite for equestrian lovers from every corner of the earth! Each year equestrian super stars are born, many of them go on to the Olympics and make their way into the record books. Some even make their way into eternity as a Breyer horse!

Eventing is a three trial event that combines Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping. These three events test the endurance, ability and strength of both the horse and rider through three very different and very difficult events. Dressage is the first trial that tests the connection between horse and his rider. The horse and rider are asked to do a series of very specific movements in order and with great precision. It is truly the ballet of the horse world! The second day is Cross Country, this event takes endurance to a whole new level when riders and their horses travel over across a long distance of difficult terrain and encounter obstacles along the way.  On the third day precision and speed are of most importance as the Show Jumping phase finishes out the competition and requires riders to race through a series of jumps, any of which if even bumped can make or break the competition! After three days of intense competition the champion is crowned, truly an honor that only the most talented horses and riders can attain!

Breyer has long immortalized the horses of the eventing world with models of their own, and who knows, maybe a star will shine this weekend! You can start your own stable of stars with Golden Oak Stables that can find their way to the eventing world! Saddle up and get training for a ride of your own with your own stable!

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