Breyer Horse Collecting: The Importance Of Documentation

Collecting has always been much more fun than organizing for any collector. Organizing might not be the most fun thing to do with your time but it can really help you in the long run. Documenting your collection is one of the most important thing any collector can do. By documenting your collection you ensure that you not only keep your collection in tip top shape but you also can keep track of it for years to come!

The easiest way to document your collection is to start keeping records early on, but don’t fret if you’re a long time collector! Starting with each horse write down any information you can,  the amount produced, where it was purchased from and what you paid for it. These key bits of information can be very helpful in the future. Doing this for every horse might seem tedious but the information can be priceless.

Another key thing to do when documenting your collection is organizing any other bits of paperwork you have for your model. Certificates of Authenticity, receipts and even those cards from the backs of Breyer boxes are collectible and important to the authenticity of models. It may seem like just a piece of paper, but that little sheet of paper can often tell a collector a great deal of information about a horse.

If you’ve ever live or photo shown your model, you might want to begin storing any ribbons, NAN cards or winnings along with your documentation. These items can be kept for years and tell the story of a horse and it’s winnings! There’s nothing more impressive than a long time show horse with all of his or her winnings!

Many collectors find organizing in binders, folders or envelopes to be the easiest way to keep track of their paperwork. Play around with it a bit and see what works for you! No matter if your collection is big or small, organizing and documenting is a great idea to keep your collection in the best shape possible. So the next time you get a new Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, start a file for it and watch it grow!

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