Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s In A Pose?

With hundreds of different Breyer molds that look vastly different from each other you can see why Breyer horses are as popular and collectible as they are! Models vary in many different aspects, breed, size, color but one thing you might not think about at first is pose. The pose of a horse can tell a lot about it, from its breed to it’s job and even what kind of owner they might have, a pose can tell so many stories!

Horses are capable of an incredible range of motion, so it’s no surprise that their elegant and beautiful movements would be captured so beautifully by the sculptors at Breyer. How a horse is moving is one easy way to tell breeds. Breeds like the Arabian and American Saddlebred are known for their flashy high stepping, flashy gait that draws fans everywhere they go! Quarter horses are known for being calm and docile, a trait most desired in the breed. When a model is sculpted these types of things are taken into consideration and what is created are some of the most realistic horses you can imagine!

A High Stepping Arabian

A Calm And Collected Quarter Horse

A position can also tell you other things, like what a horse’s job is. A Thoroughbred racing towards the finish line looks like no other with it’s extended position reaching with every last inch! A western working horse is special too with it’s relaxed and casual movements a calm cow horse is one of the most prized possession of any rancher and a Breyer with that same personality will surely be a favorite in your ranch!

A Race Horse Pushing Towards The Finish Line

A Working Western Horse

With the hundreds of models at Golden Oak Stables collectors often have to make choices in their collections. Without thinking pose is often a deciding factor! What do you have in your collection? A stable full of calm and collected pasture horses? Maybe a stable full of high action eventers that are ready to leap over any jump? Or what about flashy show horses that are ready to light up the show ring?  Whatever your collection take a moment to appreciate just what your model’s pose tells you about it! You would never imagine that such a little thing can tell you so much!

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