Breyer Horse New Releases: Highland Pony

Galloping down from the Scottish highlands, the Highland Pony is one breed that is deeply seeded in history. These ponies are work horses that stand out for their hardy nature and ability to withstand the elements! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a Highland Pony of your own, new for 2012 that can bring a little bit of Scotland to your stable!

The Scottish Highlands and Isles are home to three breeds of native ponies, the Highland Pony being one of them. This breed gained the reputation for being hardy over thousands of years of living in the harsh climate of Scotland. Highland ponies tend to be on the larger side of ponies typically standing between 13 and 14 hands high. Most highland ponies are a shade of dun, a primitive coat color that features stripes on the legs, commonly called leg barring, and a dorsal stripe. These coat colors can vary from a yellow dun to a grey dun and just about anything in between. Highland ponies can also be gray, bay, black or liver chestnut although not as common as the commonly found dun. One thing that is standard is the restriction of white markings, Highland ponies are only permitted to have a small star, any other white markings compromise their ability to be registered. The Highland Pony has found its fans in farmers, casual riders, pulling a cart and even more. They are versatile to say the least!

Breyer’s Highland Pony is a spunky pony with a ton of personality just waiting to trot into your heart! Sporting the typical dun coat color, with a beige coat and dark leg markings as well as a dark mane and tail. He’s ready to mount up for your next show or just a day of fun riding. His spunky personality and sweet disposition is sure to gain friends and fans from all over.

Bringing a bit of the British isles to you, Golden Oak Stables brings the rare Highland Pony to you! This breed has been popular across the pond for hundreds of years, and now everyone can experience the beauty that is the Highland Pony!


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