Breyer Horse New Releases: Pony Gals

A fun group of horses for those young or young at heart, Pony Gals are a sweet line from Breyer that brings the beauty of the horse and a little bit of fantasy together all in one. With unique personalities and a beauty that everyone can be drawn to, Pony Gals are a sweet group of gals that are irresistible as can be!

Three sweet and glamorous girls sashay into Golden Oak Stables for 2012 with their lovely looks and glamorous style that will have everyone in the stable looking at these ladies! Standing 4.25 inches tall, the Pony Gals are a group of horses that have a lightly fanciful look along with realistic horse colors that can easily find a home in your stable. With long manes and tails you can have a blast styling them all day for either a day at the show or a day of fun!

Hayley is a bay cutie that prances her sweet way into your stable. Her long luxurious black mane and tail are beautiful as can be matched with her red bay coat. Three white socks finish off her lovely coloring making her stunning in every possible way!

A striking pearly light grey, Aubrey‘s bright light grey coat is lovely as a pearl and her lightly shaded grey points are beyond beautiful. Her happy and excited nature is another of Aubrey‘s enchanting characteristics, with her sweet face she’ll easily make friends wherever she trots. Long white hair glistens in the sun and will be a dream for anyone to brush and comb.

Last but certainly not least, Emily prances into your stable with her energetic nature she shines! Her coat color is a striking blue roan that turns heads wherever she goes. A star sits atop her head and long black hair finishes off her beautiful look in the most perfect of ways!

With these three lovely ladies, your stable can be filled with the beauty and glamour that only the Pony Gals can bring. Your hardest decision will be who to start with!


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