Breyer Horse Accessories: Around The Barn

March 29, 2012

Breyers may be model horses, but you can still experience what it’s like to manage and own a barn just like any other horse owner. With lots of fun accessories Breyer has made it easy for collectors to have their own realistic barns that they can use to display and play with their collections. Many collectors take this a step further and work to a minute detail to create realistic and detailed scenes that could fool just about anyone! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a myriad of accessories that can help you create the stable of your dreams!

Every barn needs to start out with a few key things, fencing is a good place to start! The Breyer Wood Corral is the perfect way to create paddocks for your horses, you can also use the Livestock Corral to create a fun and realistic pen! From there you’ll want to stock your tack room with everything a horse lover might need. Saddle Stands are a must, you don’t want your prized saddles getting damaged when they aren’t being used. A Tack Box is also a popular choice to keep all of your odds and ends organized.

Around the barn there are many things you’ll need on a daily basis, the most important are cleaning supplies. No one really enjoys this job, but having a Stable Cleaning Kit will keep your stalls clean and your aisles clear so that you can focus on the important things, like bringing home that blue ribbon! Keeping your barn clean isn’t the only important thing, keeping your horse clean is also important! A Grooming Kit is a necessity for any horse owner, complete with all of the basics you might need. If you’re headed to a show you’ll find the Show Grooming Kit to be a fun way to stand out among the crowd!

These are just the basics, there are dozens of fun and realistic accessories to help you create the stable of your dreams! We may not all be able to own a real horse or barn, but with Breyer and Golden Oak Stables we can have the stable of our dreams!


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