Breyer Horse New Releases: Pony Gals Mini Whinnies

The smallest scale in Breyer’s stable is also one of the most exciting! Standing at just about an inch tall (1/64th scale) , Mini Whinnies are a fun line of model horses from  Breyer that are not only adorable but also just as realistic as their large counterparts! 2012 brings three new sets of Mini Whinnies to Golden Oak Stables in fun colors that will add excitement to anyone’s collection!

Socks ‘n Snips is a group of five Mini Whinnies that show off with their high white sock and their lovely blazes. A chestnut Thoroughbred stands tall and regally with his high flashy white markings. Next is a buttermilk buckskin Spanish horse that looks lovely with her high action. A rearing bay Arabian shines with his deep red bay coat and catches all the attention. Two foals finish out this set, a playful chestnut filly and a bay roan Draft horse!

Ready for a little flashy fun? Spots n’ Patches is a group of Pintos that are bright and flashy as can be! A black and white American Saddlebred starts the set and is parked out in perfect Saddlebred style! Western lovers will go crazy for a fun and flashy red roan cutting horse that is right in the middle of the action. A bright palomino sport horse shows just how versatile pintos can be as he lands from a jump. Last but not least two little pinto foals finish this set, a red bay scampering foal and a bay grazing foal!

Finally, Happy Appy’s is a set of Appaloosas that will have lovers of spots going crazy! A bay blanket Appaloosa is first up and is calm and temperate as all good Appaloosas are! A roan blanket Appaloosa comes next and calmly walks as she heads on her way. Not to be forgotten is a high action leopard Appaloosa that is sure to catch attention as he spins like the best reining horses out there. Two foals also finish out this collection, a high action prancing and a playful seated foal both shine in bay blanket Appaloosa patterns.

Mini Whinnies are a fun and easy to collect part of the Breyer stable that will have you filling up those tiny stalls quick! Affordable as they are fun, there’s no question as to why you shouldn’t bring a few home!


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