Real Life Breyer Horses: Brookside Pink Magnum

A little horse with a lot of power, Brookside Pink Magnum is a pony that has brought popularity wherever he goes! He now comes to you from Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!

Brookside Pink Magnum, or Magnum for short is a striking 12.2 hand Welsh Pony Stallion who shines with his exceptional   and eye catching red roan coloring! Red Roan is a coloration that happens when white hairs mix with a chestnut coat on a horse giving the indication of a red or pink coat color. It’s no question that the Pink in Magnum’s name is appropriate to say the least! This pony shines beyond his striking coat though, his sweet personality has been passed on to his extensive family of foals that he has shared with the world. His offspring have gone on to be some of the most successful Welsh Ponies in the United States proving him to be one of the most influential sires in his breed!

Breyer has honored this important stallion with a Breyer of his own. Brookside Pink Magnum has been created on the collector’s favorite Bouncer mold. This spunky little Welsh Pony has all of the characteristics you’d expect out of a Welsh Pony. Magnum has his iconic red roan coat that is just as bold as his real life counterpart! His blaze has been created in near exact likeness as have his three white socks. His lush an full mane and tail are dark as his his head that still retain the chestnut coloration he was born with.

Always happy to meet a new friend, Brookside Pink Magnum is a sweet stallion with personality abound. It’s no question why Breyer chose this stallion to represent the Welsh Pony in their stable as well as yours! Need to add a little bit of color and fun to your stable? Brookside Pink Magnum is the perfect amount of flash and beauty to spice things up and make your stable stand out!


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