Breyer Horse New Releases: Breast Cancer Awareness Model

March 8, 2012

Third in a line of models helping to fight breast cancer, Breyer has released a new model for 2012 to benefit this heartbreaking disease that touches the lives of millions each year.

Breast cancer is the second most common non-skin cancer in women, affecting nearly 11% 0f all cancer cases in women. However, this is not just a female disease; it effects males as well although it is nearly 100 times more common in females. In recent years advances in research has helped this disease have a lower mortality rate, although it still takes nearly half a million people a year accounting for 7% of all cancer deaths and 1% of all deaths total. This difficult disease that effects not only those afflicted but also the families, has made leaps and¬† bounds in learning and treatment but the need is still there for advancement; that’s where Breyer comes in!

Golden Oak Stables brings a new Breast Cancer Awareness Model to you for 2012. This year Breyer has released their famed Bluegrass Bandit mold as a stunning decorator to bring awareness and benefit this disease. Bluegrass Bandit is a lovely model that brings fanciful femininity to the equestrian form. This flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse moves with her smooth gait and flowing mane and tail showing off the beauty of the breed.

Created in clear pink plastic, the Breast Cancer Awareness Model brings the icons of breast cancer awareness straight to model form. Her pale pink body color is transparent letting light shine through it in a beautiful way. Along her body is a myriad of pink ribbons, the symbol of breast cancer awareness, that create a lovely pattern throughout. Her legs and tail grow lighter pink as they fade and hoof and facial detailing give her just what she needs to be a little realistic.

Proceeds from the Breast Cancer Awareness Model go to help fight breast cancer through charities and organizations! Bring this new beautiful Breyer home today and join the fight against breast cancer along the way!


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