Breyer Horse Collecting: Rarity

March 5, 2012

One of the most fun things about collecting Breyer horses is the challenge of finding that horse that you’ve been looking for. Breyer produces dozens of horses each year and some of them end up being harder to find than other for any number of factors!

Rarity is how difficult to acquire an object is to acquire. With Breyers being made for over 60 years you can imagine that there’s some pretty difficult to find horses that have been created in that time. It isn’t always the oldest horses that are the rarest though, some of the most desirable Breyers have been produced recently.

There are many factors that go into determining how “rare” a Breyer horse is, the most important is desirability. How many people want this horse compared to how many people have it? Sometimes a model is retired before many collectors get a chance to add the horse to their collection so that model becomes rare, sometimes Breyer produces only a limited number of a particular model or maybe it’s just a very popular model among collectors and horse lovers alike! Occasionally Breyer produces limited run horses and special run horses that are only available for a certain amount of time or through a certain retailer. Many times these models can be difficult to find.

Golden Oak Stables brings you the full line of Breyers to add to your stable but also features a wide variety of vintage and hard to find models if you want to add something special to your collection! Retired models are often desirable because they aren’t being produced anymore and as collectors look to add these models to their collections, they become rarer and rarer!

As a collector its hard to tell which models are going to be “rare” and which ones will be easier to find, it’s really just a game of waiting to see. The most important thing when collecting is buying what you love and filling your stable with models that are important to you! It doesn’t matter how rare the horse is if you don’t love it, but with how beautiful Breyer horses are, it’s not hard to love all of them!


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