Breyer Horse Collecting: Plastic, Resin and Porcelain

March 1, 2012

You may notice how wide and varied the 2012  Breyer lineup is! This year Breyer has pulled out all the stops to bring some very exciting models to you! Included are the normal Breyer horses that we know so well but there are also porcelain and resin models included this year!

Breyer has created model horses out of a plastic known as cellulose acetate for over 60 years! Since 1950 the plastic that Breyers have been created out of haven’t changed much. All traditional and classic models are still made with this durable plastic that collectors know so well! Breyer Paddock Pals and Stablemates are created out of a similar plastic that is a bit more light weight, but still very similar.

In the early 1990’s Breyer released their first in a special line that would come to be known as the “Breyer Gallery”. These models were created out of porcelain and were quickly collectors favorites. Commonly called “Clinkies” in the model horse hobby, porcelain models are fragile as they are beautiful! Breyer still brings a few very special porcelain models to collectors from time to time, this year it comes in the form of Year Of The Dragon!

Last but certainly not least are the newest releases for 2012, a special line of Breyer Resins. Resin is a substance that carries both properties of plastic and porcelain but is wonderful for molding because of the details it holds! Many model horse hobbyists are familiar with resin because of individual created Artist Resin model horse creations, but Breyer has brought us resins in one form or another for many years now! This year four new models come to you created out of resin that are sure to become collectors favorites!

No matter what the material, Breyer creates astonishing creations to add to your stable! Bring a little variety to yours with a new addition from Golden Oak Stables! While plastic, porcelain and resin are very different materials, there’s no difference in the beauty each brings to the horse!


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