Breyer Horse Events: 2012 Events at Golden Oak Stables

Golden Oak Stables is the hub for Breyer activity in New England! With a ton of events each year, Golden Oak Stables is the place to experience events that will teach you about horses and allow you to compete with other Breyer lovers in a fun enviroment.

First up on the Golden Oak Stables calendar is an all Novice/Youth show that is meant to show you just how model horse showing works! On March 24th collectors from all over will come to Concord New Hampshire to compete in a fun and fair environment at Spring Break Live! Novices and youths are welcome at this show that brings together friends new and old to compete. There are divisions for Halter, Collectibilty, Customs and Performance as well as Fun Classes that give you a chance to show just about any Breyer you have! Showers will compete for hundreds of ribbons and a ton of championships!

On April 14th Golden Oak Stables opens its doors for New England Spring Live an open NAN qualifying show. This means, any horse that places first or second is qualified to show at the North American Nationals in 2012 or 2013!

This full classlist features dozens of classes that will fill the day with fun and fierce competition! Performance, Original Finish Halter, Original Finish Collectiblity, Custom Halter and Custom Workmanship divisions will fill the day with enough competition to keep even the veteran shower enthused! The fun classes are creative and sure to bring out fun, interesting and funny entries for all to see!

You won’t want to miss the spring show season at Golden Oak Stables! There’s a show for any level of experience! Live Showing is a fun way to enjoy your models and with Golden Oak Stables you can enjoy the fun of a live show in a friendly, competitive environment!


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