Breyer Horse New Releases: Canine Companions

If you’ve ever visited a barn you know that there’s always more than just horses hanging about. One of the most common companions for horses are dogs. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you two sets for 2012 that not only will keep your horses company but also keep your puppies active and excited!

Horses and dogs have a long history together. From Dalmatians following fire wagons to Hounds helping on the hunt, dogs and horses have always been companions and co-workers. Today most dogs are companions and don’t tend to work as much as they did in the past, but this is the same for horses too!

One of the most popular dogs that you’ll find in barns is a Jack Russel Terrier. Breyer has brought their ever popular Jack Russel back for 2012 with every accessory that you could need to keep him happy and healthy! Known for their high energy, Jack Russels are small dogs with a lot of heart. The Dog House Gift Set features a bi-color brown and white Jack Russel that’s spunky and ready to keep up with the ponies. Not to be forgotten though are his fun accessories that make for a great time. A large red dog house can sit outside the barn for those chilly nights and a warm dog bed will help him snuggle right up. He also comes with a rope toy and a squeek toy that will keep his attention away from the horses, if even for a few minutes. We can’t forget about his bone, bowl, collar and leash though! These essentials give you everything you need to take care of this little fellow.

Another popular breed, also known for its energy is the Shetland Sheepdog. These herding dogs are popular for their obedience and ability to follow direction. If you’re ready to have a little fun with your Shetland Sheepdog the Dog Agility Set is the perfect way to! With 8 obstacles this set is hours of fun for those times your horses need a little break from work!

Dogs have always been the perfect companion for horses and humans, adopt a new puppy today and bring a little canine companion to your barn!


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