Breyer Horse New Releases: War Horse

What began as a children’s novel has now taken the world by storm with the story of the bond between man and horse. War Horse has transcended from a novel to find its way to the stage and finally to Hollywood! New for 2012 Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring the excitement of this amazing story to a model based on the story’s main character, Joey!

War Horse is the story of a young boy, Albert, and his horse, Joey, that face World War I. Joey is taken into the cavalry and Albert is heartbroken. Although Albert is still a young boy but sets out on a dangerous journey to bring his beloved Joey back home.

War Horse has taken the world by storm, the novel has found popularity the world over. It then found popularity as a play that lit up the stage. Finally it found its way to Hollywood where it was brought to the world!

Breyer brings a special gift set to you to celebrate the story and spirit of War Horse. New for 2012 the Breyer Classic War Horse Set is a fun set that celebrates both the wonderful novel that is War Horse but also Joey. Joey is a bay riding horse created on another classic literary icon’s mold, Black Beauty. This stunning Bay horse is a deep and shaded bay with a glorious amount of shading. His black mane and tail are just as deep and striking as his deep bay coloration and his white socks and blaze finish this beautiful horse.

It doesn’t stop there though, the Classic War Horse Set comes with a copy of the original War Horse novel so that you too can experience the story of Joey! Written by Michael Morpurgo this novel tells the original tale of Albert and Joey and the wonderful bond the two share.

A lovely story telling just how bonded man and horse can become, War Horse is a story that has touched the world with it’s beautiful story! Experience the story of War Horse today!

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