Breyer Horse New Releases: Hickstead

The equestrian world as a whole mourned the loss of one of the most prolific horses last November, Hickstead. Celebrating his life and legacy Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring this super star equestrian to you where he can live on eternally!

Hickstead was a Dutch Warmblood known best for his Olympic performances but his abilities went beyond his trips to Beijing. His rider, Eric Lamaze is a Canadian equestrian that found a new lease on life aboard Hickstead. This pair began their journey into the history books in 2006 lighting up the Grand Prix scene. By 2008 they were in the Olympics and achieved the amazing feat of bringing home the gold metal in individual show jumping. 2010 brought The World Equestrian Games to North America where Hickstead rode four clear rounds and was named the best horse of his discipline.

Breyer honors this astonishing horse with a model that will help his legacy live on. This stunning dark bay warmblood has been recreated on the stoic and prideful Trakehner mold with a refreshed and re-sculpted tail new exclusively for Hickstead. Created in perfect portrait, Hickstead’s bright long blaze sits on his face and his two socks sit on his legs. His deep bay coat is an exact recreation of Hickstead‘s and his sweet expression is the final touch to recreate one of the world’s most prolific horses to ever live!

Hickstead comes complete with his own monogrammed stable blanket, a fitting tribute for a horse like him. His navy blanket has dark burgundy trim and a large white monogram reading “Hickstead” along the side.

A horse that truly was one of a kind, Hickstead has been an icon for the Equestrian world since taking the stage in 2006. We may have lost an astonishing horse last year, but he can live on through our collections and memories of his astonishing accomplishments. Truly an icon for not only Canada but for the rest of the world, Hickstead shows us just how incredible horses can truly be!


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