Breyer Horse New Releases: Bull Inthe Heather

Along the rolling hills of the Kentucky bluegrass you can find thousands of Thoroughbreds as far as the eye can see. Within those hills is a special place that gives a home to unwanted Thoroughbreds where they can live the rest of their years in a happy and safe environment, Old Friends. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a model of the horse that helped form Old Friends and give a home to many unwanted Thoroughbreds. With Breyer and Golden Oak Stables you too can help save these Thoroughbreds!

Bull Inthe Heather is the most prolific son of Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby winner, and helped to form Old Friends in 2001 when he was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Old Friends is a retirement home that saves Thoroughbreds from this fate so that they can live their lives with the care and love they deserve.

His racing career might not have matched up to his father’s but Bull Inthe Heather had a successful racing career of his own earning over half a million dollars and racing in 33 races. He stood stud for many years and then finally found his way to Old Friends where he lives today. A favorite of many visitors Bull Inthe Heather is a sweet and loving ambassador of the Thoroughbred breed, Old Friends, and shows the importance of caring for these amazing animals.

Breyer brings Bull Inthe Heather to collectors as a 5 inch resin model that stands proud as can be. Bull Inthe Heather has been created on a lovely and proud Thoroughbred model that stands proudly on a grass base. A smoky and sweet grey, Bull Inthe Heather‘s stunning coat color makes him stand out. Many Thoroughbreds are bay and chestnut and while grey isn’t rare, it’s still not something you see everyday!

You can help Old Friends to save more Thoroughbreds with Breyer, with each purchase of Bull Inthe Heather, Breyer will donate a portion to Old Friends! These stunning creatures enchant us with their personalities, athletic ability and beauty. Let’s help them live a long, happy, and healthy life together with Old Friends and Breyer!


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