Breyer Horse New Releases: Padre

Taming a wild mustang for your own might seem like a fantasy but to thousands of horse owners this is a reality! Through the Bureau of Land Management’s yearly Mustang roundups and sales thousands of Mustangs are adopted all over the country and placed with horse owners. These Mustangs become amazing mounts and many go on to have very successful riding careers. Golden Oak Stables brings one of these success stories to you for 2012!

Padre is a stunning dun colored mustang who was adopted by at a Bureau of Land Management sale. Originally from Nevada, Padre found his home with owner Patti Gruber and quickly began training to become a dressage star! At his first show Patti showed him in the In-Hand class in which he qualified for the prestigious Dressage at Devon show! He was the first Mustang to show at Devon and proved just how much Mustangs can do by winning his class and winning Reserve Grand Champion Stallion! Padre has also been ranked nationally as the #14 breeding stallion! All of this from a wild mustang!

Padre can do more than perform though, he looks gorgeous as he does it! His deep dun coloring is bright and bold with a touch of red in his coat coloring. His mane and tail are a deep and dark black that shines in the sun. Light striped markings on his legs often referred to as “barring” are indicative of the dun coloration. On his face sits a sweet pairing of a tiny star and snip that are cute as can be! His two white socks are his final markings sitting on his back legs.

Showing the versatility of the American Mustang, Padre shows just what can be done with hard work and determination. He also shows just how much horses really can do and learn! These amazing creatures has always found a way to enchant and astound us, but the story of Padre shows just how much they really can do!


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