Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Mystery Foals

New for 2012 Breyer brings three new fun Stablemate sets to Golden Oak Stables. This year you can have the excitement that thousands do each year of welcoming a new foal into your stable!

Three sets of mares and stallions are ready to gallop into your stable with new foals on the way. The Stablemate Mystery Foals sets are a fun and exciting way to bring the joy and mystery of new foals to your stable!

Stablemates have always been a favorite among collectors. These three inch tall equines pack just as much detail as their traditional counterparts and are just as exciting! Their small size and affordable nature make them an easy to collect addition to your collection! With a myriad of molds and breeds there is a favorite for every collector, young and old alike! The Stablemate Mystery Foal Set is a fun twist on these easy and fun to collect miniatures!

Three sets of parents and three foals make up this nine piece set. A dapple grey draft mare and a spotted draft stallion make up the first pair. These two large horses are sure to bring some type of draft horse to your stable, but what will their foal look like?

The next pairing is a beautiful buckskin Peruvian Paso and a stunning bay Paint horse. These parents are sure to have a foal that is flashy, but the mystery still remains!

Lastly a black Paso Fino and a stunning rose grey Andalusian are ready to bring a new foal into the world. What will these two parents’ foal look like though? The possibilities are endless!

You won’t know what these fun foals look like until they are here, it’s a surprise, just like in real life. A fun way to bring the excitement of owning a real horse and bringing a new foal into the world, these fun sets are sure to become fast favorites among collectors!


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