Breyer Horse Showing: What’s In a Show String

December 15, 2011

One of the many terms that gets used often in the model horse hobby is “Show String”. What exactly does that mean? A piece of string you use at a model horse show? Not quite, it’s the term used by many to describe the group of horses that they show on a regular basis!

A model horse show string can be any size and any combination of models that you’d like! You control everything in your show string, so its up to you! Most show strings will develop organically after a few shows but you can begin to create your own right now!

Picking your nicest models is the first step. Models free of rubs, scratches and paint flaws is the perfect place to start. Just like in real horse shows, models with rubs and dings won’t look as pretty in the show ring. You’ll want to check hooves and ears too because rubs can hide there very easily. Check your models for overspray paint around edges of the mane and tail as well. Lastly, try to remove any dust that may have settled onto your models. Just like mud on a real horse, dust can mark your horse down.

Choosing models that make good representations of their breeds is important too. Make sure that your horse can realistically come in the color it is. Example: Palomino Arabians do not exist and would have to be shown as a part-Arabian.

Most shows have class limits (The most common is 3 per class). This means, for one breed class, like Arabians, you can only enter three horses. So, if you’re a big Arabian fan and have five, only three can make it into your show string. The choice will be hard, but choose only your best for the day of the show!

After your first few shows you’ll develop your own show string easily. Models that often show well for you will probably be the first that you put in it. Your favorite horses, regardless if they show well or not, will probably end up there too. Don’t hesitate to let a favorite horse into your string, even if it doesn’t place! Showing is fun and bringing your favorite horses only makes it more fun!

Once you’ve got your show string you may want to create a special place in your collection for them. Perhaps a few shelves just for them. Be sure to keep them in good condition and away from any hazards while they aren’t at a show.

Just like a real horse, show horses need to be carefully cared for every day! So choose your horses wisely! Will your next horse from Golden Oak Stables make it into your show string? The choice is all yours!


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