Breyer Horse New Releases: On The Ranch- Western Lifestyle Set

Home,  home on the range! Where the cows, horses and dogs play? On the ranch a special bond exists between man and his horse. A working relationship where both have mutual trust that works together to get just about every job done!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables brings the spirit of the ranch to everyone’s stable with the new Classic Scale Western Lifestyle set! Ranch life has never been this much fun or so easy to bring home! Working on a cattle ranch is real life for many people throughout the country and world. Cattle farming is a tough job that requires determination, stamina and tenacity from both human and horse.

You can get a little idea of what its like to live on the ranch with this three piece set. The Western Lifestyle Set begins with a feisty and determined buckskin appaloosa horse of your very own. Shown in a cutting pose, this enthusiastic horse is ready to catch any cattle that might try to slip out of  the pack. The perfect image of the western horse, his fun blanket appaloosa pattern extends over his hips. A blaze and socks give him his final markings on this flashy but accomplished mount.

Always causing trouble, a red calf can be found in this set ready to cause trouble. Bolting to one side, our calf is making trouble for our horse and springing into action of his own. Don’t worry though, he won’t get far! A tri-colored herding dog is the final piece to this Western puzzle. No cowboy is complete without his horse, or his dog for that matter, and this energetic dog is the perfect one to take out on the trail. He’s sure to help when little calves like this one try to take themselves off the trail!

Our fun and playful set can also compete in cow cutting showing the deep bond they’ve grown together. You might also see the horse slipping into a barrel racing class or two! With a little creativity just about anything can be done with this fun set! The possibilities are only as endless as your imagination!


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