Breyer Horse Holiday: Beautiful Breeds Mustang

December 5, 2011

Ninth in the series of lovely porcelain ornaments that celebrate the spirit of the horse, Breyer has brought the beauty of the horse and the amazing artistry of Breyer together for a keepsake that will live on beautifully on your Christmas tree and throughout the year in your collection!  The American Mustang!

The American Mustang is a wild and free horse that roams the western United States in herds numbering 33,000 by some estimates. Descendants of horses brought to the area from Spain, the wild mustang is actually a feral horse that has come to live out in the wild. Many of the modern wild mustangs have Spanish roots tracing them back hundreds of years. Every year hundreds of mustangs are rounded up for adoption in attempts to keep populations under control. Mustangs make great horses for just about any event you can imagine. Their hearty nature makes them an easy keeper and their versatility is being tested every day with mustangs taking over every discipline you can imagine!

Breyer’s lovely porcelain rendition of the American Mustang is created in a dynamic rearing pose showing the beauty and power of this amazing breed. The flashy coppery chestnut pinto is bright and shining as he rears up in all his wild beauty. His stark white markings are the perfect contrast to his beautifully shaded firey body color. Around his neck he wears a bright red ribbon tied with a large bow that flaps in the wind. His mane and tail are being blown by that same wind atop a tall plateau as he defends his herd. Truly a herd leader!

Always a favorite, the Beautiful Breeds series has brought some of the most beautiful breeds, sculptures and horses together for 9 years. Let Golden Oak Stables deck your tree this holiday season! Don’t miss this year’s ornament that’s full of the spirit of the Southwest, the horse and the spirit that both have!


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