Breyer Horse Collecting: What’s in a hairstyle?

Just like any person, a horse’s hair can be its crowning glory! Horse’s manes and tails are different from one horse to another and even more different from one breed to another. By looking at a hairstyle you can often tell what a horse does or where it came from!

Horses have long developed their breeds and disciplines based on the culture and the need in the area which they live. A horse in the American Southwest is much different than a horse in Northern Europe. Each breed has things they are bred for, and each has also developed a hairstyle to help with whatever job a horse might encounter in its day to day life.

The Arabian horse developed in the Arabian peninsula and due to its harsh conditions developed several specific traits that are still very prevalent today. One of those is the sparse but elegant mane and tail. The Arabian’s tail in particular is famous for its “Flagging” action in which it elegantly flows.

A close relation to the Arabian, the Morgan horse has a thicker but still very elegant and flowing mane and tail. The champion of the show ring, the showy Morgan shines with its flashy and beautiful hairdo!

Mules are a quite special, a mix between horses and donkeys these popular hybrids are great mounts for trail and hard work! Many mules have a roached mane. This is when the mane is shaved all the way down and no hair remains. Their tails also tend to be sparse and short. For these animals, less is more!

Draft Horses can often seen pulling carts and wagons in a large variety of different settings. Draft horses are nearly always found with a fancy ribbon and bow decoration in their manes and tails, showing off for their owners and also helping prevent hair getting caught in all the moving parts of the wagon.

Last but certainly not least, eventers and hunters are the stars of the show ring and often have elaborate braided manes and tails to keep them neat and tidy as they sail over jumps! These braids are often intricately done the morning of the show and vary from simple to very elegant designs.

A different hairstyle for every breed and a different horse for every person! Horses and their hairstyles are different as can be from one another, but the variety is what makes them fun! What horses at Golden Oak Stables do a certain job? What about in your stable?


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