Breyer Horse Collecting: Every Model Needs a Name- Incorporating Real Horses

Every Breyer comes with a name and number, even if its just a breed name, it still has a name. One of the favorite activities of collectors is to create and assign new names to their models based on the owners interests. Names are one of the easiest ways to customize your collection in way that personalizes it for you, and only you!

Many collectors have a name for their stables, this is a good place to start your journey in model horse naming. Names can be anything you can imagine but commonly include the words “Stable” or “Ranch”. Many customizers use the name “Studio” to refer to their collections as well. A stable name is a name that you can easily incorporate into each horse’s name. Initials are an easy and fun way to do this! If you stable name was Golden Oak Stables you might start each horse’s name with GOS.

Naming your horses based on their breeds is a very fun way to research real horses, learn new things and create realistic names. Every breed of horse has a home country, so picking a name in that home language is a common way to name real and model horses. Naming models after prominent stallion and mare lines in that breed is also a common and fun way to learn about the real horse counterparts to our models.

Variations on the name Breyer has given the horse can help you remember the models in your collection easily as well as the names you’ve given them. With many horses being created after real horses, it’s easy to turn these names into realistic names for your horses that reflect the real horse world. Thoroughbreds for example often follow series’ of names through sire and dam lines. Lets look at Zenyatta; Zen is a way to incorporate her name into the name of your horse (ex: Zenzational). This keeps the real horse’s name near as well as giving you a bit of creativity!

No matter what you choose, taking the time to research and create creative names for your models is rewarding, educational and well worth the time! Spend a little time getting creative around your stable!


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