Breyer Horse Accessories: A Stable of Riders!

Every collector has a stable full of horses, but what about a stable full of riders to put them to good use? Riders are just as varied as horses are and typically specialize in one discipline. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables has a rider for any event you can imagine so you can put all of those horses to work!

One of the most popular equestrian events in Show Jumping. The exhilaration of  setting a horse loose over tall jumps as fast as possible has made this event exciting for riders and spectators alike! Show Jumping Brenda is a lovely blonde doll with a fetching red jacket like all of the top show jumpers! Ready for the top competitions in the world Show Jumping Brenda is ready to sail over even the largest jumps!

Western riders will find two choices for their horses. Austin is a cowboy who’s ready for a day of cattle work with his casual but completely western outfit including a pair of chaps. He even wears a large silver belt buckle that he must have won!  Taylor is a sweet brunette cowgirl who wears a fun and flashy pink and white show shirt and black pants and chaps that match her hat. Both are versatile and ready for whatever your horses can throw at them!

Ready for a little pony games fun? The Junior Riders is up your alley then! Dressed in fun and bright colors, her blonde pig tails peek out of a pink leopard helmet! How fun? Complete with fun accessories to outfit her own pony, she’s a ton of fun, no matter what pony event!

They might not be riders but there’s two other key people who you’ll probably want on hand around your barn. The Farrier is an important person to have on hand for all of your horse shoeing needs. This Farrier is ready to go with his own tools, anvil and shoes! The Veterinarian is also a very important person to have around your stable. Breyer’s Veterinarian is ready with her bag of supplies to make any illness go away and keep your stable healthy and happy!

No matter what kind of stable you keep, you’ll need a few friends around!


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