Breyer Horse Collecting: Molds and Models

Collectors have all kinds of terms that are used to help organize and understand their collections better. Terms like Mold and Model are often used by collectors, but what do they really mean?

Breyer horses have all kinds of different identifiers, everything from names to numbers can be used to identify a particular horse.  Sometimes you’ll hear a horse called the name of the breed, other times its the name of the horse or even the number. But what does all that mean? Do you know what to call your models?

Determining the horse’s mold is a good first step. But what is a ‘Mold’? In the model horse collecting hobby horses are often referred to by the first release of a particular model. For example, a new mold this year was the Weather Girl horse. This model, no matter what color, will be on the ‘Weather Girl‘ mold. The first release of the model nearly always takes the name of the mold. For a horse like Sato, this mold originally came out as the famous race horse Cigar so Sato is done on the Cigar mold. Many people choose to define their collections by collecting all of one mold. Its also an easy way to organize either on paper or on your shelf.

A model is exactly what it sounds like, the particular release of a horse. Each Breyer horse that Breyer releases is a model. Every model has a paint scheme that is individual to that horse and also a name and a number. Because of the limited number of molds, models are often produced on molds that have already been a horse in the Breyer stable. It just adds to the fun though, because once you find a mold you like, collecting all the models can be fun and exciting!

No matter what you collect, a particular mold or just the models you like, Golden Oak Stables has a stable stuffed full of everything you could ever ask for. What mold or model are you missing?


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