Breyer Horse Treasure Hunt: Weather Girl Is Headed Into The Vault!

Sculpted by the incomparable Brigitte Eberl, Weather Girl has already created a storm of excitement among Breyer collectors! The surprise addition  to the 2011 lineup, Weather Girl has been popular beyond compare! But don’t delay, she’s galloped into Golden Oak Stables for one last  time, but won’t be here much longer!

Weather Girl is a new sculpture for 2011 by the German artist Brigitte Eberl. Brigitte is a favorite sculptor in the model horse hobby and the addition of her lovely Arabian mare to the Breyer line in 2011 has brought collectors from all over the world together to find all three! Brigitte’s sculptures are known for their realism and dynamic poses that capture the spirit of the horse.

There are three different Weather Girls to collect for the 2011 Treasure Hunt. Sunny is a bright metallic palomino part-Arabian mare that shimmers in the sun. A part-Arabian is one that has been bred with another breed of horse. This is done to bring a characteristic to a new horse. This is sometimes done to get a more exciting color or to bring another positive feature in. Partially Cloudy is a dapple grey pinto part-Arabian. Arabians do not carry the gene that produces pinto coloring. Many pinto part-Arabians exist and often belong to the Pintabian registry. Last is the elusive Thunderstorm. This dark grey black Arabian gallops into the stable loudly with her lightening blaze and snip!

If you are able to find all three Weather Girls you’ll be able to get the most elusive of all three, Rainbow. What Rainbow looks like is a surprise but there is more than one! Will  it be a rainbow of real horse colors, or maybe a real rainbow? You only have until January 30th 2012 to take your chances at a rainbow! As for Weather Girl, she’s headed to the Breyer Vault after December 31st 2011 to be held until 2016! So don’t miss your opportunity to add a wonderful example of an ancient breed to your stable!


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