Breyer Horse New Releases: Renaissance Horse And Doll Set

September 26, 2011

Ambling in off the pages of a history book, Breyer has created a Medieval princess along with her mount. Celebrating Breyer’s love of the horse, this set travels back in time to capture an era gone by with its mystery and magic, elegance and extravagance and ever strong love of the horse!

The princess in the Renaissance Horse and Doll Set is a traditional scale Breyer rider with hair that is long, brown and beautiful as can be. Dressed in only the finest of royal ware, this princess is dressed in shades of golden and white fabric. Her leg of mutton sleeves which begin with large volume at the shoulder and end at the wrist fitting tight are what a woman in the Renaissance would wear and was very “In Style” at the time. Her dress is full of volume and accented with gorgeous red jewels.

Those red jewels find their way to her mount’s tack as well. Golden straps with red jewels adorn the bridle in this beautiful set and a golden side-saddle keeps our Princess on her seat. Created during the time when Catherine de Medici ruled France with King Henry II, the side-saddle has gone through many incarnations but is best known for having a second pommel where a woman can easily lay her leg so that both legs sit off to one side. This allows a woman to ride in gowns which were the standard of the time and also to control her mount. Side-Saddles also only have on stirrup as the other leg lays atop the pommel. This Princess’ side saddle is opulent as can be with golden accents and  even a slipper shaped stirrup that our fair maiden’s foot will sit.

Her mount is a bright metallic chestnut Palfrey horse which was popular in medieval times for its ambling gait that made it a comfortable mount for ladies, highly ranked knights and royalty. Created on the Marabella mold, she shines with a bright coppery coat and a pearly and full mane and tail!

Bringing history, beauty and opulence together, Breyer has created a wonderful historical set to help you get a peek into the past!


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