Breyer Horse Collecting: Its all in the box!

September 22, 2011

Every collector knows that moment, you’ve gotten a new beautiful horse from Golden Oak Stables and you can’t wait to take your new model out of the box! Once you’ve freed your new horse from his box, what do you do with your boxes?

Unlike most toys and collectibles, Breyer horses are some of the only collectibles that are not generally worth more to collectors in the box. Many collectors actually prefer their models to be out of the box. Many collectors show their horses at model horse shows or show them in photo shows and for a collector to be able to show their horse it must be removed from the box.  Most collectors that show do not tend to mind if the horse does not have their box.

When displaying your collection you will find that you can fit many more on a shelf if they are out of the box which is a perk for many collectors! Collectors can also create scenes in their very own barns and stables and tack up with their models once they are removed from their boxes!

Some collectors prefer to keep their models in their boxes though for many reasons. One reason may be to protect them from damage or being played with. Breyer has also created some beautiful packaging in the past couple years making their boxes really beautiful. Most Breyers now come in boxes that have special inserts and back boxes depicting a scene that relates to the horse. On the back of the boxes you’ll sometimes find a large sticker that tells the story of the horse in the box! Breyer has really made their boxes a lot of fun for collectors!

But here comes the big question if you remove your horses from their boxes, to keep or to get rid of them. The model horse hobby is a little different because many people remove their horses from their boxes, so there’s no telling if in 10 or 20 years a horse might be more desirable with its box. Either way, you have a beautiful horse to fill your stable with, so a box is just icing on the cake!


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