Breyer Horse Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament Chris Hess

September 19, 2011

For the third year in a row Breyer is celebrating its talented and wonderful sculptors with a holiday ornament that takes their work and immortalizes it once again. This year Breyer has chosen a nostalgic route and goes back to the beginning of the company choosing to showcase the work of Chris Hess!

In 1950, Chris Hess began work for Breyer in the early days of creating model horses. Chris Hess was not a horseman by trade but a very talented artist that had a remarkable skill for translating a photograph into a sculpture. For over 45 years Chris Hess created some of the most recognizable and well loved Breyer models that have ever graced the shelves of collectors.

At least 115 of Breyer’s molds have been sculpted by Chris Hess, the most by any sculptor by far and he sculpted the majority of the Breyer animal models as well. Many of these models are still in the Breyer stables today and are still favorites of collectors. Breyer has recently re-released his El Pastor sculpture as a Rocky Mountain Horse and his Clydesdale Mare and foal, both new for Fall 2011 and many, many more of his horses can be found in Breyer’s current lineup.

Its no surprise that Breyer would choose to honor such an important part of their history with a place in their Artist Signature Series. Shining in a beautiful shade of purple, Chris Hess’ work has been illustrated by another hobby alumni, Sheryl Leisure on a round glass ornament. Sheryl took Hess’ famous Running Mare and Foal sculptures and Lady Phase and the Stock Horse Foal and recreated them in reverse Hess style! She took them from three┬ádimensional figures and turned them into a two dimensional work of art. She’s put a lovely bay pinto coat on the Running Mare and Foal and a palomino appaloosa coat on the Lady Phase and foal.

This perfect homage to one of Breyer’s greats reminds us of the wonderful nostalgia that Breyers hold with the perfect touch of holiday magic! Don’t miss out on adding this and all the other collectible ornaments to your tree this year, Golden Oak Stables brings the entire holiday lineup to you, but only for a short time!


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