Breyer Horse Collecting: Other Breyer Animals

September 16, 2011

Its natural for horse lovers to be animal lovers too,  and in barns you’ll often see dogs and cats living and spending time with their equine friends. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a few  furry friends that will fill that place in your barn of stable dog or barn cat that are cute as can be and come with their very own equine friends!

Breyer brings a sweet new set  that features an energetic young Pet Sitter to collectors! A black and white foal is a handful for this young pet sitter but a brown and white Beagle and a grey tabby cat keep her busy too! Not be caught off guard, she brings carrots, a brush, water bowl and a toy to keep these animals occupied. She would rather watch over this little herd than a child, and who could blame her when they are this cute?

Finding a way to care for any and all, Breyer’s Animal Rescue Set brings a vet directly to those who need it! A light bay foal dressed in a blue blanket gets a bill of clean health from our friendly vet after finding himself being a little too rowdy. The vet brings her medical gear and also has a Welsh Corgi and a white cat that need attention today to make sure they are healthy and ready to head to their stables.

Supporting an important charity as Breyer often does, the ASPCA Animal Rescue Gift Set brings horse and animal together in perfect form! A chestnut stock horse is striking in his firey burnt umber color with a flaxen mane and tail. His stable friends are a tan and white Labrador mix who’s ready for a day of herding and a Siamese cat is ready to curl up on a stack of hay.

Celebrating the love of not only the horse but of animals too, Breyer brings adorable dogs and cats along with their horses to animal lovers all over! Everyone needs at least one barn dog and cat, which one will live in your stable?


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