Breyer Horse New Releases: The Rocky Mountain Horse

September 12, 2011

You might think with a name like Rocky Mountain Horse, the breed would hail from the high mountains of the western United States. In reality, this versatile and beautiful breed comes from the hills of Kentucky and rides into the Golden Oak Stables lineup with grace and beauty!

First bred as a trail horse for the Appalachian foothills and mountains in Kentucky, the Rocky Mountain Horse is known for its sturdy nature and being very surefooted.  First bred in the beginning of the 20th century by Sam Tuttle in Spout Springs Kentucky, the Rocky Mountain Horse is a beloved companion to many. It is also highly recognizable by its chocolate colored coat and silvery mane and tail but can be any solid color. Like many horses  bred in this region, it is known for its special gait making them a great riding horse with a comfortable ride. The Rocky Mountain horse ranges anywhere from a compact 14.2 hands to 16 hands high and has a calm demeanor. Often referred to as the “Golden Retriever” of  horses, this gentile bred horse is a great overall horse that can do just about anything but really excels in a comfortable ride over any terrain.

Breyer has a new release for 2011 celebrating the spirit and beauty of this striking breed as the wonderful creators at Breyer can only do! With a silvery mane and tail on his deep chocolate colored body, this Rocky Mountain Horse has been recreated in the signature color of the breed. A small sock on a back hoof is the only white marking and sets off the long silvery mane and tail perfectly! Captured in the middle of a rack  this Rocky Mountain Horse celebrates the spirit of this American bred breed!

Thanks to Breyer you can bring a new, rare and interesting breed into your stable! Standing out among the crowd the Rocky Mountain Horse is as beautiful as he is versatile. A relatively new breed, they have found their way to the top of the competitive trail world and into the homes of many as beloved companions.


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