Breyer Horse Collecting: Researching Real Life Counterparts

Many people enter the model horse hobby either as an extension of their love for real horses or because they aren’t able to have a real life horse. Collecting Breyer Horses  brings the world of real horses to many who wouldn’t be able to experience it in many ways, from filling your stable with a myriad of breeds to showing and bringing home championships in many disciplines. The possibilities are endless!

One way to live the life of a horse owner through your models is by researching your model’s real life counterparts. Studying breed information and learning about different disciplines is easy and fun to do and can help you ready yourself for a real horse sometime in the future or ready yourself to bring home the blue ribbon in a model horse show!

The first place to start whenever you are researching is the Library. In the age of computers we often forget this resource, but the library probably has dozens of books on horses, horse breeds and horse showing. Another good resource are real horse magazines. With dozens of publications available there’s ones for specific breeds and events. Is your stable full of Eventers? There’s a magazine for that! Magazines will help you see what’s current with the sport or breed and keep you up to date with what goes on. Even better, you might get a first sneak peek at the subject of a new Breyer as Breyer often picks equestrian athletes  or prominent horses for their next model. Famous horses like Sato, Ravel and TS Black Tie Affair all are real horses that have gained popularity in their respective breeds or disciplines.

While you can learn a great deal from reading and research, one of the very best ways to learn about your models is going to be hands on experience. While you might not own a horse, there’s certainly ways for your to be around real life horses. Visiting shows is the easiest, its typically free for most smaller shows and you can talk with real horse owners who are happy to tell you about their horses. Check your community fair grounds for their calendar for the year and most county fairgrounds have at least a few shows a year. If you are near a large equestrian community you’ll probably find it easy to catch larger events. Many of these events feature breed showcases where you can meet breeds from all over. Opportunities such as this are invaluable!

While we all might not get to sit on a horse’s back on a regular basis, we can certainly live in that world through our models. You never know, the research you do might gain you that coveted blue ribbon at the next Golden Oak Stables show!


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