Breyer Horse New Releases: A New Herd Of Stablemates

Just in time for fall a new herd of Stablemates is galloping into Golden Oak Stables in exciting colors and breeds!

These 3 inch tiny sculptures are packed with just as much detail as their larger counterparts and painted just as exquisitely! Breyer’s set of 8 new Stablemates will fill your stable with new horses on a tiny scale but with big personality.

A dark bay Warmblood performing the Dressage move, the Extended Trot, begins the set. This stunning show horse is groomed with a braided mane and is ready for any level of Dressage. A dynamic and interesting sculpture, this little Warmblood makes big ways as he makes his way across the Dressage arena. A red roan Quarter Horse comes into the herd next with four socks and  a docile and calm demeanor he’s the perfect every day horse for any horse lover. Flashy as can be and ready to light up the hunter circuit, a Chestnut Pinto Jumper rides into the arena. His flashy markings and striking color make him an easy standout in the ring. Full of fire and flash the blue roan Andalusian rears up in a striking position and his two front legs with white socks stand out on his blue roan coat. A calm and collected black leopard Appaloosa Sporthorse makes his way into the lineup with his calm gait and level head he’ll find his way as a favorite horse for young eventers everywhere. The spirit of the British comes in the form of a black pinto Gypsy Vanner. The Gypsy Vanner has become a favorite breed for horse lovers all over the world and this new herd from Breyer wouldn’t be complete without one. From the deserts of Arabia comes a stunning rose grey Arabian. A versatile breed, the Arabian can be found in any number of events and disciplines. Last but certainly not least is a sandy bay Cob. The Cob is a British breed that is beloved by many, its no wonder why when you see how simply  beautiful they are!

A wide variety of breeds lay within this new herd, all the colors of the rainbow as well as breeds from around the world! Celebrate the diverse equestrian world with this new herd of gorgeous horses!


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