Breyer Horse New Releases: Clydesdale Mare and Foal

August 25, 2011

Galloping out of the hills of Scotland comes one of the largest and most recognizable horses in the world. The Clydesdale is a gentile giant that has found its way all over the world and has found its way into the hearts of many as a highly versatile and popular breed.

The first Clydesdales can be dated to the early 1800’s in Scotland and while they once began as a small draft breed they have evolved into a large and beautiful breed of draft horse. Standing between 16 and 18 hands which is up to six foot tall at the shoulder, the Clydesdale weighs in at right about a ton, 2000 lbs!  Clydesdales are often used for agricultural work and has found their way into the pleasure harness as well. Now the Clydesdale can even be found working under the saddle. Clydesdales are most often found in bay with white markings but other colors such as black and chestnut also can occur. Another common characteristic to the Clydesdale is the presence of roaning, which is white hairs mixed in with the base coat color. Often this can produce a striking appearance and accelerates with age.

Breyer brings a new mare and foal set to collectors this fall with two sabino Clydesdales! The Clydesdale mare and foal set bring a stately mare and her ever so stately foal to Golden Oak Stables. With high whites, wide blazes and a belly spot on the mare, these Clydesdales exhibit classical sabino markings. Their deep honey bay color shimmers in the pasture and their beautiful markings accent their color beautifully. The Breyer Clydesdale mare and foal mold were released in the late 1960’s and has become a favorite for many. The Clydesdale mare and foal are some of the most favorite of Breyer sculptures and this pair will surely become a favorite!

Standing large and in charge, the Breyer Clydesdale Mare and Foal set are an exciting new pair that have made their way into the Breyer line! Bringing a bit of British charm into the Breyer lineup of model horses, this mare and foal are sure to light up your collection and light up the show ring!


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