Breyer Horse Collecting: Pony Gals

A fun line of horses that can span the ages of any horse lover, Pony Gals are full of fun with young in mind.

This recent addition to the Breyer horse world is perfect or all ages but has the young and young at heart in mind. Pony Gals take a bit of fantasy and mix it with Breyer’s lifelike creations to give collectors a toy that steps it up to the next level with their realistic nature. Pony Gals come with accessories that encourage creative play letting your favorite horse lover or the horse lover in you play for hours and hours!

Breyer’s Pony Gal Travel Barns sets are not only adorable but also easy to tote around and come with their own horse and accessories! Jasmine is a black Appaloosa and comes with accessories for her own Tack Shop Boutique in shades of purple. Dixie is a palomino beauty that comes with everything you could need to take care of a stable right along with her. Chloe is a bay pinto mare who’s ready to compete the day away with her horse show all packed up in her travel barn!

Also in the Pony Gals line are three adorable purses with plush versions of the pony gals stars, Jasmine, Dixie and Chloe. Each bag features a purse and accessories that match the personality of their horse. Jasmine’s is purple as can be with a peppermint, her favorite. Dixie comes in a blue patterned purse that accents her palomino coat beautifully and her favorite treat is an apple! Chloe comes in a sporty pink bag and with a treat for her after a long show day, a carrot!

There are many more fun toys and horses in the Pony Gals line from Golden Oak Stables! Each real life horse has their own personality and each of the three pony gals does too! One or all, there’s a perfect match for any horse lover!


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