Breyer Horse Collecting: All About Decorators

August 15, 2011

Many collectors have heard the term “Decorator”, but do you know what it means?

Decorators have long been a part of Breyer’s history, even as far back to the earliest Breyers but the name came to popularity in the 1960’s when Breyer produced a series of blue and gold horses meant to be used ad home decoration. These colors, Wedgewood; a solid matte powder blue, Copenhagen; a glossy dappled blue, Gold Charm; a glossy solid gold and Florentine; a glossy dappled gold, would go on to become the most recognizable of all the decorators. The word decorator has gone on to mean any horse that is painted in an unrealistic pattern. The first real Decorators by that definition would be the Woodgrains which were produced from the 1950’s until the late 1960’s. Some other colors from that time period also include a glossy dappled black and a charcoal coloration. Both of these are often considered to be decorators but sometimes not.

In recent years Breyer has brought back the love of decorators. In 1991 Breyer brought back the decorator with an Arabian painted in a bronze finish which was wildly popular with collectors. Since then Breyer has produced everything you can think of! Some of the more interesting ones are clear horses of all different colors, horses painted with logos, color changing paint, and more! They have brought back the decorator in a big way for collectors and they are popular as ever! The “original” four decorator colors even make an appearance from time to time and are always met with great popularity!

This year Breyer has two decorators which not only are exciting collectors but also help in a big way! The Traditional and Stablemate Breast Cancer Awareness horses are both created out of clear plastic with a gorgeous pink tone. They each feature the iconic pink ribbon design in a whimsical and beautiful pattern. While they are beautiful as can be, the best part is that Breyer is donating a portion of the profits from each sale to the fight Breast Cancer!

Decorators old and new are exciting and fun to collect, but with Golden Oak Stables you can collect a gorgeous decorator and help fight Breast Cancer too!


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