Breyer Horse Events: Golden Oak Stables Summer Break Live

August 11, 2011

Don’t miss out! August 27th 2011 novices from all over New England and beyond will come to Golden Oak Stables to finish out the novice show year!

The final leg in the 2011 Golden Oak Stables Novice Series, Summer Break Live is your chance to get int the action in a fun, friendly and educational way! Linda Carrier, a long time model horse hobbyist is hosting and bringing her extensive knowledge to attendees. Golden Oak Stables novice shows are unlike any in the nation and some of the largest shows too. Classes and divisions that mimic an open show help novices get a “feel” for the open show scene and also improve their skills .

Each and every division is a great way to learn not only more about your horses but also about real horses. Halter requires breed research to choose the right breed for your Breyer Horse as entrants are asked to name a breed for their horse. Some showers take extensive time to choose breeds for their models which can often pay off with blue ribbons. Collectibility is an original finish division that showcases rare and vintage models and showers are expected to research their model to tell a judge why its “Special”. There are hundreds of thousands of tid-bits in Breyer history over the past 60 plus years so a good collectiblity entry will explain everything a shower can find about the model. Custom classes are the classes for creativity to shine, especially in the Entrant Custom classes where only work by the owner may be shown. The art of customizing is a difficult one to master and it can take years to perfect but Golden Oak Stables provides a level playing field for customizers. Last but certainly not least is the Performance division which is in one phrase “Detail Driven”. Learning about the real sport which you are exhibiting is the most important thing in performance where entrants re-create simple to elaborate scenes depicting a real horse activity. It can range from a simple Western Pleasure class all the way up to an elaborate Scene Class!

A fun and educational experience for all, Golden Oak Stables novice shows are the perfect way to begin or continue your time in the model horse world. Don’t fret more experienced showers, New England Fall Live is right around the corner to finish off the year with a bang!


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