Breyer Horses Collecting: Breyer Scales Explained

August 8, 2011

One of Breyer’s little mysteries, you may have Breyer’s “Scales” which are numbers that match up with each type of model. These numbers, 1:9, 1:12, 1:32 and 1:64 may not make much sense, but with a little simple math, you too can figure out this Breyer equation.

Traditional horses correspond with the 1:9 number in Breyer’s equation. These ratios are a common way to refer to each “Scale” of Breyer horse. The one in the ratio stands for 1 inch and the second number, in this case 9, stands for the number of inches, in this case 9 that the inch represents. Traditional horses stand about 8 – 10 inches tall in many cases so by taking the 8 and multiplying it by 9 (Each inch counts for 9 inches) you can figure out that your Traditional scale horse stands about 72 inches or 6ft tall.

Breyer’s Classic Scale often stand about 6 inches tall and are the second largest Breyer scale. Breyer figures these to be 1:12 scale, multiplying the numbers we once again get 72 inches or 6 foot tall at the tips of the ears putting the Classic Scale in perfect line with Traditionals.

Stablemate horses are very popular due to their petite size. These little beauties stand about 2.25 inches tall in most cases and are packed with tons of details! Breyer brings these little guys in at 1:32 and our math once again puts them at 72 inches tall!

Mini Whinnies are Breyer’s smallest scale. Standing  a bit over an inch tall, these little guys are so fun and so tiny! Full of details beyond belief they are the 1:64 scale models in Breyer’s lineup. They match up perfectly in Breyer’s scale calculation putting them just about 6 ft tall from hoof to eartip!

No matter what the scale, each one is fun to collect and created with realistic artistry in mind. Breyer brings the realistic details we all desire right, from the large Traditionals to the tiny Mini Whinnies!  What is your favorite scale? With this little mystery solved you can visit Golden Oak Stables and choose the scale and horse of your dreams!


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