Breyer Horse Holiday: 2011 Christmas Models

August 4, 2011

Christmas in July may have just passed but Breyer has unveiled the 2011 Breyer Christmas Collection! Since 1997 Breyer has brought us an exciting model to celebrate the holiday season with and since 1999 they’ve created lovely ornaments that enchant our Christmas Trees!

Not to be missed, this year’s model is Winter Belle. Marking number fifteen in the Breyer Holiday Collection, Winter Belle is a lovely deep bay horse done on the collector favorite, Misty’s Twilight. Created after one of Misty of Chincoteauge’s descendants, Misty’s Twilight has elegance and style and a bit of old world charm to her. Adorned in a red festive blanket that is decorated with holiday balls, bells and sprigs of evergreen, Winter Belle is created in perfect Breyer Holiday style. She also wears a golden bridle and red wraps around her legs with jingle bells on each.

This year’s ornaments include the return of the ever popular Zenyatta ornament. Selling out quick last year, Breyer has brought Zenyatta back for a second year giving everyone who might have missed her last year a second chance at adding this super mare to their collection. Continuing on the Stirrup Ornament series is Winter Belle’s edition! Sitting in a silver stirrup, Winter Belle is recreated in miniature with a red ornament hanging above her. The 2011 Treasure Box Ornament, Golden Memories, is delightful and sweet for 2011 featuring Santa by a Christmas tree leaving a new chestnut pony for a happy someone on Christmas morning!  The Ever popular Beautiful Breeds series is back for a 9th year and 2011 is the year of the Mustang! Sculpted in a beautiful and lively rearing position, the Mustang ornament is a bright orange chestnut pinto with a bright red bow around his neck.  This year also sees the return of the Carousel Ornament,  and the Artist Series saluting Breyer’s original sculptor Chris Hess! There’s also a beautiful snow globe that plays First Noel and has a rearing horse in the globe.

Breyer has once again outdone themselves for the holiday season bringing a myriad of creative and exciting new horses to us! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you these lovely and special horses so that you too can bring a little bit of Breyer to the holidays!


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